From China to the World We are a general trading company delivering Valuable Products.

Shanghai Tohan International Trading Co., Ltd. is in the business of developing, supplying Chinese products such as building materials, furniture, interior products, and daily necessities, and exporting them to Japan.

Shanghai Tohan International Trading Co., Ltd. was established on July 31, 2002, as a base for imports from China within Nasluck Co., Ltd., a Token Group general housing materials manufacturer. We are not limited to China, but seek out even better products from all over Asia, and provide them at even better prices to Japan.

Shanghai Tohan International Trading Co., Ltd. is growing one step at a time with its own independent strategies, and together with the growth of Nasluck and Token Corporation.

Better service and new value in line with market needs

We always work to have an accurate grasp of the needs of our customers and respond promptly to provide our customers with products useful to reduce costs from all kinds of housing and building materials to daily necessities and printed matter.

Accurate work and reliable management

  • Planning, Development, Marketing

    Taking advantage of our ability to collect a wide range of information and our global viewpoint, we can propose product plans to respond swiftly to the market.

  • Processing, Production

    We have established a production control system, incorporating a Japanese-style production system with our abundant workforce to allow for the creation of high-quality merchandise.

  • Inspection

    Before our products ship, they are subjected to a thorough check of every small detail. We deliver reliable quality.

High Quality at a Low Cost

Main Products

Metal building materialsPlastic/Natural building materials

We bring together carefully selected building materials to process and manufacture at factories in China.
After strict inspections, we deliver to our customers high-quality and low-cost building materials and housing items that bring peace of mind, making a contribution as one step in creating a comfortable living space.

*Actual products may differ from those shown in the photos.

Promotional goods
We can provide all kinds of novelty items such as tissues and handheld fans, as well as banners and flags.

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers with the creation of products with a rich variety of designs, we respond in detail about all our processes from product development to production and shipping.

Import agency service

In Japanese industry, in addition to reducing costs, an overseas shift is en effective method to reduce costs.
We believe that for companies without a proven trading record or connections to overseas industry, the best way to do things is to start overseas transactions via an intermediary company with a rich history of experience.
At our company, we offer an import agent service allowing peace of mind for companies thinking about importing from China.

Chinese companies
Taking advantages of our local connections, we provide superior business.
Shanghai Tohan International Trading Co., Ltd.
Our company brings together trading (import) business, interpretation, and translation, among other services, to support you.
Look forward to cost reductions through overseas procurement.

Six Unique Advantages of Shanghai Tohan International Trading

  1. 1

    Better products for cheaper!

    You're not happy with cheap prices if it means cheap quality. For customers like you, we provide support with groundbreaking production you can count on, for even better products.

  2. 2

    We speak Japanese!

    All our dealings with our customers are in Japanese. You won't have to deal with the annoyance of negotiations in a foreign language.

  3. 3

    Import/Export experts

    We make all the arrangements for troublesome import work.

  4. 4

    Support for Chinese inspection!

    You can leave the inspection of manufacturers and exhibitions to us. We offer efficient inspection support, including interpretation at special rates.

  5. 5

    Inventory management

    We can also respond to requests to split up and ship orders in several small lots. We can stock your items in China, and ship them out to you as necessary in the amounts necessary.

  6. 6

    Original novelties!

    We also provide original novelties to distribute to your end users and office goods.

Taking advantage of the integrated power of the Token Group

Token Group, the parent organization of Shanghai Tohan International Trading and Nasluck, is made up of a variety of companies each with their own specialty. At our company, we are able to take advantage of the merits of scale with the Token Group to bring manufactured products to our customers.

With an eye to breaking even more new ground in the Chinese market going forward, we will be creating products with even more superior sales power, commercial appeal, quality and price competitiveness. Please let us support you as a powerful corporate business partner.

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